Spice 1 on Signing with Too Short at 16, Stealing a Car to Impress Him (Part 3)

Watch Part 2: https://goo.gl/g4NzRD
Part 1: https://goo.gl/xKzfhD
In this clip, Spice 1 talked about his relationship with Too Short and how far back they go. According to both Spice 1 and Too Short, he would pick up Spice from his house after school and Short would have to get permission from Spice’s mother. Too Short often had to promise to bring him back home early despite that seldom being true.

Later, Spice 1 talked about how he got his name, what it stands for, and the pimp who originally carried the moniker of “Spicy Mike.” He also discussed working with legendary Bay Area producer Ed Banks and signing to Jive Records.

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Trump taunts Stormy Daniels over tossed lawsuit