Spice has learned quite a bit of marketing from the time she was on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta franchise. She has a new song out called Black Hypocrisy and in the song she talks about how her skin has stunted her growth as an artist because the people with the lighter skin get better opportunities. Well on her Instagram page today, she deleted all of her pictures and added a new one, with a new skin tone, obviously lighter than the one she introduced us to. Her fans reacted. Shortly after, she went live on Instagram when she didn’t confirm that the skin was changed permanently but she said that she was ridiculed for having dark skin and was told she wouldn’t reach the heights of her career since she is dark so she changed her skin to see what could be said now.

I for one, do not think that this charge was permanent and a lot of her fans are saying the same thing. Either way, she has the internet buzzing and in turn, people are going to listen to the song. Either way, this was a good marketing ploy and I hope that the skin change is easily removable in the shower. What are your thoughts?


Author: celeboftea