Starbucks CEO: I’m going to fix this

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson met with the two black men arrested in a Philadelphia store to discuss what measures the company can implement to prevent similar incidents in the future.



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23 thoughts on “Starbucks CEO: I’m going to fix this

  1. So you mean to tell me you need to go through some kind of training for not to be racist. they don't need no training. you just need to get the racist people ass out. that's all about being racist and has nothing to do with training what happened to those two guys happend because they was black

  2. He's gonna make a separate but equal section of Starbucks for the Negros and other assorted darkies and the normal Starbucks for the privileged White Liberal customers… it's true I tell ya…

  3. But a white person would have been allowed to stay if they didn't buy anything??? I have no idea what the law says on this particular subject, but usually if you enter a café and sit down without drinking or eating something, it's considered rude and out of place. Ok calling the cops is kind of weird, but how long have they been staying there and had they been asked to buy something or leave? I mean if people would just walk into Starbucks without buying anything all the time, well, just imagine would that would look like!

  4. Over reacting. I've gone into many Starbucks in the West and waited for people or just sat by myself, never had a cop called on me… Even when I didn't buy anything. Oh, duh, I'm not a black man. You Suzy Crows, calm the fuck down.

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