Equipment Needed to Start Mobile DJ’ing (The Bare Minimum)

Mobile DJ’ing

By Chris Franks

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Creating your own DJ business can be very profitable if you enjoy music and know your music well. If you are looking to pick up some nice cash with your music expertise you may want to look into starting your own DJ business.

You may want to work, or subcontract, to another company to get started, but if you want all of the profit you will want to start your own business. I started my own business quickly after being subcontracted out a few gigs. I was subcontracted out for a few small events and the company.

I worked for only paid me 40% of the contracted price, and I had my own equipment.

Some companies will provide you with all the equipment you need, but you will even get an even lower portion of the money. So for those of you that would like to make an investment that will quickly pay for itself here’s what you are going to need.


– Speakers

– Amplifier(s)

– Players

– Mixer

– Mic / Headphones / Stands / Cases / Wires / Cables /


First, you will need a set of speakers, of decent quality, since you will want your audience to enjoy the sound of the speakers, so they become repeat clients. There are two types of speakers; passive and active.

Passive speakers do not have an amp built into them.

Active speakers have the amp built in.

Passive speakers are more work because you will need to carry an amp in with you, but you can put more power behind a speaker than the passive speakers would include. The passive set-up will normally be a cheaper set up.

The active set-up has less components, easier set up, and usually have an amp built in that is best set up for the speakers. The problem with the active set-up is, if the amp blows, or the speaker blows; the repair will be very costly and you may lose the whole speaker/amp due to the cost of the repair, and it may be more expensive for the repair than buying a new active speaker. Make sure whatever style you choose; you get a decent quality speaker.

The setup:

Equipment Needed to Start Mobile DJ’ing (The Bare Minimum)



DO NOT buy speakers from circuit city or other stores that do not carry Pro DJ gear. Stick to Pro Audio stores.

A good RMS wattage rating for DJ’ing; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other events that have 100 people or less, 350-550 watt speakers would be sufficient.

Recommended Brands – JBL, Mackie, QSC, Peavey (cheap, but will be a good starter speaker), Gamin, Yamaha, and Behringer




If you purchase the passive style speakers, you will need to purchase a pro audio amplifier. Make sure you accurately match the speaker wattage rating with the amplifiers wattage rating. Too much power and you can blow the speaker and too low wattage and believe it or not you will blow the speaker. You are more likely to blow a speaker by under powering it, so it is recommended to get an amp that is 50-150 watts above the speakers’ wattage rating.

Recommended Brands– QSC, Crown, Peavey, Behringer, Mackie, and Yamaha.




You are going to need to decide which style players you are going to want to purchase. There are two styles of players; the tabletop players and the ones that mount in your case. Both will do great for any job, but if you plan to get in to mixing music and Dj’ing club style the table top/ scratch players will be your best option. The players that mount right in your case are much smaller and more convenient and many have the same effects built in.

Recommended Brands– Pioneer, Denon, Stanton, Numark, and Gemini.




Your mixer is your heart of your system, it controls everything and can make the difference between good sounding equipment and bad. Although the mixer is basic and usually the only physical difference is the number of channels, getting a cheap mixer will usually make your system sound bad.

You can have the best speakers, best amplifiers, and best players, but a bad mixer and it will make your entire system sound cheap. Mixers have a large price range anything from $80 to $2500 and some are even more expensive. Starting out you will not be able to afford an expensive one, but you should budget for about $200-$300 for a decent mixer.

Recommended Brands– Rane, Vestax, Stanton, Numark, Gemini, Denon, and Pioneer




A wireless Mic will be one of your best investments, as a wireless upgrade. Having the freedom of not being restricted by a wire will make your job much easier, plus wireless mics are not that much more expensive. Mic’s have a wide price range also, $50-$600 for many wireless Mic’s.

If you do not plan to use the Mic often getting a cheaper Mic might work for you, but if you plan to do weddings or events where you are on the Mic a lot you’re going to want a good Mic. More expensive ones make your voice sound strong, have less feedback, have a farther range, and are more reliable.

While doing a wedding each feature is a must-have, so deciding what types of events you are going to DJ will help decide whether the extra investment will be worth it. The best Mic’s that almost all good DJ’s use are “Sure” Mic’s.

Recommended Mic Brands– Sur, Sennheisser, and Nady




You can get away with almost any set of headphones that you will be able to hear over the volume of your speakers. The more expensive ones will naturally be better, but you can save money while starting your company, and get a cheaper set as your audience will never know how cheap your headphones are because you are the only one that will hear them.


Stands / Cases


You are going to need a speaker stand for each speaker, assuming you have cabinet speakers. You also might need a stand for your coffin/ CD player case. You will need at a minimum a case for your CD player/ mixer and for your amp (if you get passive speakers). You may also want to purchase a nice sturdy case for your CD’s.


Wires / Cables


You will need to get a set of cables for the speakers, and a couple extension cords to run power to your set up. You also will need RCA wires to run from your CD players to your mixer, and a set to go from your mixer to your amp.

Depending on your set up, you may need more wires and cables to connect other components, and if you have powered speakers you can eliminate the RCA’s going from your mixer to your amp.



This should help you enough to go out and know what you are going to have to purchase to get started, and it will help to understand the areas you can go cheaper in, and where you should budget for more expensive equipment.

Although there are many more components you can add to your system to enhance it, these are just the basic “need to have” items.


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Equipment Needed to Start Mobile DJ’ing (The Bare Minimum)

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