Stephen A. Smith sad over Carmelo Anthony: I cannot believe what I am seeing | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith sad over Carmelo Anthony: I cannot believe what I am seeing | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith reacts to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Game 4 loss to the Utah Jazz, adding that Carmelo Anthony’s decline is making him sad.

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20 responses to “Stephen A. Smith sad over Carmelo Anthony: I cannot believe what I am seeing | First Take | ESPN”

  1. Everytime Stephen Smith makes a mistake, Max Kellerman gets to pluck a goatie hair from him.

  2. The problem with OKC is that they don't mess, all of them are used to being alone and having there own team. Russ is taking WAY too many 3's which is ruining everything, and they only had 10 FREAKING ASSISTS IN THE GAME!!!! I MEAN 10! They need a good coach who is gonna teach them how to move the ball more, and help them learn how to find the open guy and create more plays that work to PG, Melo, and Russ's skills. Once they find that well, it's one problem at a time here…

  3. melo is a loser….said it with knicks and he is a team killer

  4. But he's got ask those Olympic rings sas

  5. I am surprised. All that talent.
    On paper they were the team to beat.

  6. Melo has been overrated his whole career.

  7. Wow, Stephen A. is finally waking up to the fact that Melo is an over-the-hill bum.

  8. Carmelo need to retire!! He's done!!!!

  9. Getting in his Face….REALLY…Aint Nobody fightin in that PUNK ASS LEAGUE…Melo cant takeover Westbrooks Team…THEN YALL GOING TO BE CALLIN MELO A HOG…Too Much MEDIA

  10. The bottom line  of Carmelo Anthony is that he no longer has his game.   His old and slow.  I mean he could still play, but his ability to play at a higher level is no longer there.  15 years takes a lot of toll.

  11. This is the reason why KD left . He knew he wasn’t going to Win anything in OKC

  12. OKC=ALL HYPE AND STAT STUFFING….How does Rus not get blame for being a star who can’t win??? “Mr Triple Double and Playoff P” haha can’t get out of 1st round what a joke..Season is over now they blame Melo the 4th option on the team and not blame the leader in Rus cmon Stephen A

  13. Stephen A. Smith lives in his own world. Carmelo Anthony has been done for many years. His job is to hype over-the-hill players, because he happens to be friend with them.

  14. The main problem is that Westbrook is a great athlete playing the wrong sport. He's not a team player, and has a terrible attitude.

  15. Jazz are a better team!! Mello hasn’t really been a solid nba player!! For team USA he was probably one of if not the best on the team!! Westbrook is a little bitch, who just complained non stop would you really want continue playing with someone like that?

  16. Russ is a nigger. The problem with most niggers is they can't tell the difference between a black man and a nigger. He has absolutely no class. He has the maturity level of a 12 year old.

    "Never hate your enemy. It clouds your judgement." Don Miguel Corleone.

  17. Ever thought that melo is in his 15th year and he should just retire. Like not everyone can be Lebron in their 15th year. Granted he should know his role and come off the bench. Still a future hall of famer.

  18. I'll keep it short, MELO IS AND ALWAYS WAS AN EGO MANIAC THAT THINKS WAAAY TOO HIGHLY OF HIMSELF. WOW MELO YOU USED TO BE ABLE TO HIT A JUMPER ON SOMEONE THAT WAS SHORTER THAN YOU LMAO.THATS LITERALLY ALL THIS GUY HAS EVER DONE. SCORE ON PEOPLE SMALLER THAN HIMSELF LMAO. NO DEF, NO PASSING ABILITY, HORRIBLE LEADER/TEAMMATE, CHEATS ON HIS WIFE ( Who's also a whore ) . White man gave him some $$$ and he thinks hes jesus christ smh. Theres a video on youtube of him yelling at a guy at a hotel saying " Do you know how much $$ i make ". The guy is a homo imo…FUCK MELO AND DONT THINK ABOUT BRINGING HIM TO THE HOF.

  19. Whoever lines up Stephen As goatee needs to be chin checked

  20. Getting tired of the ego show and peacock strut that the NBA has become.

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