Stevie Wonder Says Kanye’s Slavery Comment is Foolishness | TMZ

Stevie Wonder doesn’t have time to waste thinking over Kanye West’s ridiculous views on slavery — ditto for President Trump’s proposed race summit, actually.


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30 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder Says Kanye’s Slavery Comment is Foolishness | TMZ

  1. Kanye makes the whole world reacts… he is the mayor mid. mayor mind acts minor mind reacts. GO KANYE, SOME UNTERSTAND YOU.

  2. fellow christians how long were israelites under egyptian rule? HOW did they get freed? WAS IT A CHOICE TO BE SLAVED BY FKN EGYPTIANS. oh yeah fk it we love getting whipped everyday. we love getting shit and spit on man. yeah also im betting the jews held captive at auschwitz were loving getting gassed everyday and experimented on without anaesthetic right. orrr maybe the students at columbine could've all decided to rush them down right instead of CHOOSING to hide and die right. also people kidnapped and raped for years probably chose it cus they like it. if you're SUBJECTED to something u have only two choices. bear with it or die. FIRST HUMAN INSTINCT IS TO SURVIVE. they CHOOSE to SURVIVE. to all the europeans who support kanye i have no hate towards you just be happy with the lives ur ancestors have set up for u. really take all our shit and advance this part of the world. rlly be proud of em. but them took a lot from the rest of the world in the process, not fair to disrespect anyone .

  3. Black people are such childish morons. No wonder we can't fix our communities. We act like little babies. I won't talk to trump, I'm a little brat. I'll jus talk shit and complain calling everything racist and do nothing to help influence matters that would affect my quality of life. I'm glad I'm mixed with Chinese. I'm claiming that side of my family. Ya'll make blacks look bad with all this weak minded baby shit.

  4. The same fools who want to bash Kanye are the ones who actually say nothing to gang bangers who choose to be enslaved in 2018. Encouraging a man to kill another as Daz Dillinger did will not only have one black man dead. But the other in shackles enslaved in a prison.
    These same fools are willing to risk enslavement to rob someone of $100. Risk enslavement to kill someone over a look, slight, a parking spot. But go ballistic if someone says risking your life to escape captivity and die trying is an insult. But risking your life for a pair of Jordan's isn't?
    I know Kanye never meant it the way media is presenting. But if he did. Their behavior literally flaws their argument!

  5. People should stop acting like they understand "genius" Kanye and that everyone who's hating on him is an ignorant pleb: Kanye is an egomaniac and will do anything to see himself become more famous. It's all just hot air and he is exactly as vapid and vain as his wife and her entire family. In the 21st century, we worship narcissists and that's why we put men like Kanye on a throne.

  6. Kanye will be fine. Fans will be fine. Ex-fans will be fine. Pick up your hurt feelings and turn your support to artists who still speak your truth. Everyone will be fine.

  7. Black people are a disease in this country, we should have not allowed them to stay once they were no longer slaves,should return them all to their country…

  8. Really disappointed by Stevie Wonder. He has the capability to make change but wouldn't even meet with the president to at least DISCUSS on the issues regarding black community. These people only care about themselves.

  9. There was always resistance and rebellion. But when someone holds a gun to your kids' head and says "get with the program " you make a choice to get with it.

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