Stormy Daniels’ attorney: Trump lied about payment

Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday that President Donald Trump paid back his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, the $130,000 in hush money that was used to pay off Stormy Daniels.

Giuliani’s statement — to Fox News’ Sean Hannity — contradicted Trump, who previously denied knowledge of the payment, which has since spurred a lawsuit against the President.


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47 thoughts on “Stormy Daniels’ attorney: Trump lied about payment

  1. Who cares about that whore? As far as I can tell she was blackmailing/extorting Trump that’s why you pay whores, to shut up and not out you go your wife. Election finance violation? It’s a fine for that. WHO FUCKING CARES? This is al the Libs have? It’s sad. Get a fucking platform or go down in flames…again

  2. fuck you! You wouldn't know the truth even if it hits you in the face. You think your educated but your not. your the Ignorant one and a fucking piece of trash. Your a slave master a fucking criminal, devil worshiping whore! STFU!

  3. I'm not longer going to waste my time arguing with a Libtard. Just look at your own dirty closet before you judge others. cause your full of CaCa. You are familiar with KARMA! well you will meet her soon enough. 100x BYE! LMAO

  4. I mean 130K for sex 3 or 4 times I know this is not what she's used to getting paid but at least this wasn't on video and there was no anal involved

  5. Liberals are all Vile, Nasty, corrupt, treasonous to their country and criminals. They will all Pay for all their Evil. So to all Libtard Zombies, The Purge is coming for you, and it's called KARMA, Mother Fuckers! LMAO! 😎

  6. j isbell, the Media are corrupt liberal asswhips. who are doing the job they were paid to do by the world Elites and liberal politicians. To lie, fabricated and brain wash. And you and fucktard liberals losers, don't no that. There is only a check paid out to a whore who claims to have done the president years before he ever considered running for office. she's committing a crime of extortion and blackmail on a sitting President. where is the shadow of a doubt proof that that incident happened. She was paid by an attorney who panicked and paid her without investigating the matter and her further. All this shit is Liberal dirty politics. I know for a fact that all Democratic liberal politicians and Liberal Fake Media Outlets are corrupt, criminals with a lot of dirty skeletons in their closets. And they will come out for the whole world to see. How dare they falsely accuse and point fingers when they are full of SHIT themselves! Just like YOU! Lol 😎

  7. Wow!!! Once again, lots of smoke, but no fire. How can the American people put up with this. You could have this as a grade 6 project, and they would figure out within 5 minutes, that there is an alternative motive here. WOW!

  8. Wow!!! So there is what here? 12 years ago, some hooker tried to get to a millionaire, and he paid 130k to make it go away. Yup, lock him up?!? Hillary lies about Benghazi, gets 4 men killed. No worries! Equal justice has no meaning to idiocy apparently. You have to be seriously deranged to ignore all Hillary’s wrong doing with proof, and Donald’s questionable ethics. Not seeing this should bring up red flags on your own life!

  9. In Soviet Russia, we never pay silence fee to whoever we have problem with. We pay our hitmen to fix the problem.

  10. CNN, ABC and all other Media outlets. You are all corrupt and treasonous, world Elites sell outs! You will all cease to exist. Using a Porn/Prostitute to try and take down President Donald J Trump, is an act of Losers and desprete RATS! All Democratic Liberals Will Rue the Day that they started to attack President Donald J Trump. Tick Tock, Tick Tock! 😎


  12. Who cares about the whore. She must be doing her attorney and well be, next year headlines. There are more important things happening that the President has to worry about. Not the used dog that is starting to look haggard, very hard up looking.

  13. Stormy Daniels, the porn star is smarter than you think. She hires a very competent lawyer who is smart, in his prime while the president, the billionaire hires an unprecedented defense that is too old and makes mistakes all the time. It's a crazy situation it has become.

  14. Unemployment is the lowest in 50 years 3.9% and you asses want to talk about something that might have happened 10 years ago! cnn and liberals are a waste of time.

  15. This attorney has been on CNN 59 times….that's all. Just wanted to share that statistic. Do with it what you want. CNN #12 in TV ratings.

  16. Michael Avenatti is doing a great great Job !

  17. It's not ok to lie…I will still vote for him because of the future of this country and I don't want a globalist like Obama that did worst for this country.

  18. Lib Dems all got the vapors suddenly about someone once banging a hooker decades ago, but they had no problem with JFK and Bill Clinton banging hoes IN the White House! They actually thought it was so cool….just hypocrites.

  19. If 'lying' was a crime then Wash D.C. would be a ghost town…..can CNN talk about how congress has a taxpayer slush fund to cover up their own sex scandals?

  20. Trump on Air Force One "I didn't pay that pornstar hush money." Rudy on fox news "uhhh, yeah ya did." Trump "oh yeah, I guess I did pay that pornstar hush money." I don't know about you, but I've got my popcorn because this administration is hilarious!

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