Student Seduction | Starring Elizabeth Berkley | Full Movie | Lifetime

A young, attractive high school chemistry teacher (Elizabeth Berkley) is accused of sexually assaulting one of her students. As she pleads not guilty, the student keeps saying otherwise.


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This story centers on a young teacher whose marriage and career is threatened when she is accused of being romantically involved with one of her male students. Christie Dawson is a young, happily married teacher who has moved to a small town with her husband, a resident at the local hospital. Christie’s youthful manner and dress, combined with the personal attention she devotes to her classes have made her popular with her students. Always ready to help a student in need, Christie offers to tutor Josh, the class heartthrob, who is struggling in her class. Unfortunately, she fails to notice that Josh interprets her interest in his schoolwork for romantic interest. When his increasingly bold sexual overtures culminate with an assault, she finds herself cast in the role of the villain instead of the victim. Josh claims her extra attention lead him on, and even Christie begins to question whether or not she could have prevented this. With her marriage now in jeopardy and her career hanging in the balance, Christie struggles to prove her innocence.

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