Surviving Marriage: Dennis & Tamar (Season 1, Episode 3) | Full Episode | Lifetime

After seventeen years of marriage and five children together, Dennis and Tamar are on the verge of divorce. Dennis blames Tamar for destroying his Navy career and feels she is unsupportive towards his future endeavors in Season 1, Episode 3. #SurvivingMarriage
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Marriage isn’t easy. Nearly half of them end in divorce. Deciding whether or not to stay in a marriage that isn’t working is a huge decision that many couples struggle with – often for years on end.

“Surviving Marriage” is an unscripted series that pushes marriage therapy to the very edges of civilization… literally. We place a married couple teetering on the brink of divorce into a real-life survival situation in the middle of the remote wilderness for 72 hours, stripping away all distractions from their real lives – no kids, cell phones, bills, etc – and forcing them to focus on what’s really important: each other. Once there, they are immersed in a marriage crucible – an incredibly volatile ‘wilderness therapy’ pushing them physically to the brink, which forces them to deal with their deepest issues. But it also requires them to perform a series of exercises designed by a therapist to specifically get to the heart of what is ruining their relationship. When the clock runs out, and they’ve made it to the extraction point, each couple must decide whether to continue working on their marriage once back in civilization… or call it quits.

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I am a reality show Diva, love everything about reality shows. Enjoy watching the drama, the tears, the so called real life experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I view it as pure entertainment and would love to discuss these show with you. I also post some scripted shows I think you may like. Any suggestions for shows to post leave a message in the contact us above.

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