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24 thoughts on “Surviving Your 40s? | The View

  1. I always have people tell me, "You haven't lived long enough to…." I tell them I'm 46. They say whattttt? You're 46? Well you still got a lot of living to do. But, what I love most is when I'm with my daughter, people always ask if we are sisters. I say "No, this is my daughter." Their mouths drop open, they look at my daughter and say, "That's your motha, she doesn't look old enough to be your motha?" Now, when someone says "Is that your? " My daughter cuts them off and says, "Mom." I told her she should take this as a compliment because she now has an idea of how she's going to look at my age.

  2. I feel like Whoopi, I'm having a grand O'l time with this thing we call life. Mostly every day I wake up like "YES". So in 13 years God willing I'm healthy and alive to see 40. I hope I still feel the same.

  3. that white woman on the end easily looks sunny's age as much as i think sunny is a prude and humble bragger she is aging excellently.

  4. so wait….when michael jordan came before, whoopi was pointing at the women who were howling at him and encouraging them but when sunny was talking abt her age and a guy was complimenting she was like "really?"…..whoopi is really difficult to understand

  5. Whoopi can never just let loose and have sum fun at the table. Obviously, every decade ur alive is a blessing. It’s supposed to be a lighthearted topic. She makes everything so serious like she’s annoyed just being there smh

  6. 40!? SHOOT, I CANT WAIT FOR 50! 40's are cool. I personally enjoy it! Looking forward to 50!!!! I want to have a 50's party based on the SNL character who yelled out, "I'M FIFTY!"!!!!! OH BOY! After August, only two more years to GO! WOOOWHOOOO!

    I'm sure of what I want & don't want. Likes & dis-likes & I'm not ashamed. I speak my mind & I've learned to choose my battles more carefully & wisely. I watch more (observe) & have learned a lot. YEP, looking forward to 50. AARP, HERE I COME!

    Enjoying LIFE (thankful to be alive) & looking forward to the future.

  7. Whooping better stop hating on Sunny, the audience was clearly surprised at how she looks soo good to be almost 50.What a hater!Whoopie needs to go!

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