T.I. Arrested After Guard Curses Out Tiny | 911 Tape Released

T.I was arrested yesterday morning right in his very own neighborhood. T.I stated that she tried to gain access to his gated community but the guard was asleep. Upon trying to wake the guard, T.I mentioned that the guard did not recognize him and did not see his name is the residential directory. T.I then called his wife to the gate to let him in.T.i asked the guard for his name and the guard would not release the information to him. Tiny asked the guard what the problem was and the guard then cursed at Tiny, asking her who f*** did she think she was?

This infuriated T.I and caused him to scream obscenities. T.I was later let through the gate and went back home to think about everything and then walked back up to the gate and requested the guards information. The guard, feeling threatened, called the police and instead of he police hearing both sides of the story, T.I was locked up. He then got into a confrontation with the arresting officer while at the jail and the officer said the reason why he was arrested is because he was acting a fool.

T.I. stated that the cop will be dealing with his attorney in court.

What do you think about this crazy situation? Lets talk about it down below.

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Thu May 17 , 2018
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T-Mac Reacts To Chris Paul Dropping Steph Curry With Deadly Stepback | The Jump