T.I. is Confused by Kanye’s Actions but Defends His Intentions

T.I.’s having a hard time understanding what’s going on with Kanye West, but he’s willing to give him the benefit of the doubt — for now — for one major reason.

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39 thoughts on “T.I. is Confused by Kanye’s Actions but Defends His Intentions

  1. If we left it up to Kanye people should be allowed to say whatever they think which is not only crazy..it is downright foolish…Imagine the chaos, negativity and disorder it would generate. Kanye encase you didn't know, there is big difference between freedom of thoughts and freedom of speech so learn to discern the two

  2. I think Kayne saying " slavery mindset " could've been free .that was a choice". I don't think he means the slavery for ,400 was slavery . I think he really try to not hurt anyone .just speak his truth .I don't fuck with trump .but good for him. speaking HIS tryth

  3. I think he did with intentions to make black american angry and speakout about their slavery unlike south africans they speakout and show their anger immidiately….

  4. We murdered pillaged and tortured and burned all the whites and their shit since they brought us to south america to work… together with the indians as soon as we got to the jungle… actually my black ancestors still live on the river sides… tbh you guys shouldve done the same… demand respect.. and if you dont get it kill everyone wife’s children every fucking one like they were doing with us instant respect is what we got…

  5. Old play book trick say something controversial then sit back and watch the people take it and run.
    If TMZ and social media weren't around no one would give a shit what he says so what is really fueling the fire his opinion or the exposure?

  6. Because Trump and Kanye plans to blind the world with his ignorance so Trump will be out of the spot light and continue to manipulate North Korea. Meanwhile Kanye is watching all the people who defend him so he can pick which excuse to go with in the end. Hopefully T.I. is right because his "assumed" argument had already got some people thinking Kanye is an angel.

  7. People !! Kanye is here to be a truth bearer ! I 100% understand his purpose and his comment was in regards to MANIFESTING your life story in manifesting everything is a choice but starts as a thought ! He meant that the mindset of victimhood is a choice but it is a sensitive touchy subject for people who are still not ready spiritually to hear the truth he wants the people to know that we are stronger than we think or told we are .to break free of all enslavement for good !!!!!!!
    (When the truth is spoke hate will come from those not woke ) God bless him I wish him a safe and happy mission love and light to all ♡♡♡ the people threatening his life to shut him up are only doing the people harm by keeping them stuck and suppressed so wake up and be kind to one another .

  8. Tip is right you never hear about good things going on or something positive on the news or get a buzz from social media. people love to gossip about controversy beefs and drama.Kanye alone knows this especially when he has different groups of people following him whether it's through his shoes , music, the Kardashians and now more recently through Politics.

  9. yeah after he made his millions off black ppl's backs he can say some off the wall shit. He got his 40 acres and a mule he good now fucken coon.

  10. This is the most corect answer, he did it for a good reason probably, and if not, he is just human, we all say shit we dont really mean to. So just relax.

  11. Remember the Kardashians are from Beverly Hills and Bruce is a republican and I'm sure the dad was too. Maybe the kardashians were raised to believe that Idk…

  12. that MK ultra is a mofo. Kanye wants to speak on whats really going that he is desperate to say anything. He has NO control over his life and has snapped. I feel sorry for the man.

  13. There alot thing that school
    Don't teach us about black history
    All we know is about be saverly
    But why we know about good African Americans did y we don't about the acompliant we did to build American in African we was king n queen
    Also about are four black founding father did salvery happen yes.
    Was it a chioce no.
    Did kayne said that wrong yes
    But if u do research about black African American
    U kind see what he meant to said yes.
    He just came that wrong way

  14. KANYE be brave you have spoken out and you have drew a line and you stand against the masonic luciferan devil worshiping music industry. Stand in the Light of the World Jesus Christ. They have an eye on you, but the eyes of the living Lord God has his eyes on you. He will give you refuge you are in his hands. The 144000 and the seal of them is a upon you. All who have an ear let them listen, Kanye is sealed with the blood of the Lamb all who stand against him stand against our Father. For a friend of the world is an enemy of God. You are a child of God. The Kingdom is near March to Zion the seal is in the city of David, never forget what I say.400 years a slave if they would only do the math they would understand. But they are a sleep Kanye you are awake. Save as many souls as you can from this luciferan system of souls, but don't loose yours. The world rejected Jesus when he gave messages they were not ready to understand, so the world will reject you. I am a man that speaks through his bride. Fear God not them stand in the Light of the World. Remeber we are not of this world, a child of God knows are home is in Heaven. You will always feel like you are different, for you are. We come from the Light, we are not the Light of the World but we are the lesser light. Be strong child of God. The ones who hide from the truth are living a lie. These words are true. Your brother a servant of Jesus Christ, RahaShalah

  15. After finding out on social media from Rob K. that he engaged in a 3 way with his wife and Blac Chyna, I’ve lost all respect for T.I. 😂

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