Ajey By Jack Barnes With an innate knack for conversational melodicism, Ajey wins fans with his effortless relatability. Addressing a former lover who wants him back now that he’s poppin’, Ajey gets the best revenge by living well on “Fuck My Ex,” his latest video. Showing off his hoops skills for two beautiful ladies on the […]

Ajey By Jack Barnes Rising rapper Ajey won a legion of fans with his blunt honesty, his wry sense of humor, and his effortless relatability. Packing memorable punchlines and raw emotionalism into 15 succinct tracks, Ajey shares Met Her Off the Gram, his first album. Premiered by HipHopDX, Met Her Off The Gram draws from Ajey’s life […]

Ajey By Jack Barnes Effortlessly melodic rapper Ajey specializes in crafting infectious and raw tracks out of his life experiences. Honing his introspective and hooky brand of rap-n-b into a fine point, Ajey announces Met Her Off the Gram, a 15-track effort packed with memorable punchlines, focused songwriting, and relatable concepts. Born in the Bronx, […]