Up Next artist BENEE discusses growing up as a “weird,” music-obsessed, Harry Potter-loving kid in New Zealand, finding early fame through posting covers online, and how music is an emotional outlet that lets her vocalize everything she can’t say with just words. Watch the film and the interview, along with […]

In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, up-and-comer and fellow Kiwi BENEE discusses inspiring—and getting inspired by—female artists, opening up about mental health in her music, and navigating her unconventional rise. Watch the interview and the film, along with selections from the rest of the artists in the Up […]

The world heard some of Don Toliver’s earliest music before even his own mom did. Secrecy was a kind of protection he put in place to ensure that when his songs finally reached her ears, they’d be ones he could be proud of. The results were beyond what he—or she—could […]