Ben Hanlin joined Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover on “Access Daily” to show off his Rubik’s cube skills! The TikTok sensation started while stuck in quarantine and needed hobbies to keep him busy, hence the start of Rubik’s cube art. Mario Lopez got to see an art version of his […]

Artist TM Davy explains how to draw a self-portrait in 11 levels of increasing complexity. Starting off with the ubiquitous “solar head” and moving on to portraits that implement light, shadow and color, TM Davy deftly describes how a drawing evolves through materials and techniques. TM Davy is an New […]

Art By Jack Barnes On Saturday, October 07th, the vibrant city streets of the LA Art District will fill its pavement with thousands of culturally diverse art and music enthusiasts, for the the inaugural Fresh Coat Mural Festival. The event is located on Colyton between 4th and 5th Avenues, outside the streets of LA’s most […]

A$AP Rocky and Swizz Beatz By Jack Barnes Last evening, BACARDÍ and Swizz Beatz’ The Dean Collection celebrated opening night of No Commission: Art Performs, a multi-day immersive event where art and music collide for showcases by day and night. Featuring musical performances, visual art galleries and immersive installations in […]