Leading Detroit’s new rap renaissance with a bottomless arsenal of punchlines and flows, BandGang always comes prepared for a fight. Nearly cackling with glee at the prospect of acquiring a new firearm, the members of BandGang radiate a maniacal energy in “G.A.N.G.,” their latest video. Posting up in a crowded pool hall with guest […]

BANDGANG By Jack Barnes Bandgang is the king of underground Detroit street rap, having paved the way for contemporaries/ frequent collaborators such as Sada Baby, FMB Dz, and more. The group’s musical ability and profile in Detroit have earned them accolades from across all major outlets. as well as cosigns from Tee […]

Fmb Dz By Jack Barnes Detroit is a hot-bed in underground hip hop talent, spawning critically acclaimed acts with millions and millions of views to their name, such as Bandgang, Snap Dogg, Peezy, and even modern superstar Tee Grizzley. At the forefront of this new underground movement stands Fmb Dz, who’s […]

BandGang By Jack Barnes Pioneering a kinetic new style that inspired a new Detroit rap renaissance, BandGang run heavy in their hometown streets. Paying tribute to dead and incarcerated friends and family, BandGang shares “My N*ggaz,” a poignant new slapper. Running roughshod over a swirling, piano-led instrumental, BandGang Lonnie Bands, BandGang Paid Will, and BandGang […]

Molly Brazy & Trina By Jack Barnes A tough-talking rap prodigy with rare songwriting ability, Detroit’s Molly Brazy is about to blow. Running roughshod over a fiery Go Grizzly/Pooh Bear production, Molly shares a remix to “Naan,” one of her most popular tracks. Recruiting respected rapper Trina for a rip-roaring remix, Molly stunts on lames on the […]