The Queens get into a heated discussion about Rob Lederman and his racist comments which have since resulted in his departure from the ‘Morning Bull Podcast.’ SUBSCRIBE to FOX SOUL on YouTube!! ►► WATCH LIVE & EXPLORE MORE at: Download the FOX SOUL app to watch LIVE shows […]

FOX SOUL’s Black Report covers the latest news: Meghan Markle files a formal complaint to ITV regarding the latest comments Piers Morgan made on ‘Good Morning Britain’ about her mental health. Big news in celebration of Women’s History Month is announced. SUBSCRIBE to FOX SOUL on YouTube!! ►► WATCH […]

Pandora By Jack Barnes In many parts of the world — including and especially the United States — music history, past and present, has been influenced by traditions and techniques first developed by black musicians. We have both early and modern innovators to thank for genres like jazz, blues, rock, […]