By Jack Barnes The Crown 👑 Prince of the Ville (Louisville) Ky, Philly Blocks is back after dropping the heartfelt Ep Mr.17th, and the cinematic visual to ” Movies” the Team 563 C.E.O gives you Episode 2 of his #Mr17th Vlog series, taking fans on an up & close and […]

Coming to you straight from Louisville, KY !!! artist Philly blocks returns with his latest Single titled “CEO” another batch of Bar’s packed with self-affirmation about what makes him not only a 502 street Boss, lyrical Boss but the boss of “Team 563″. So press play and listen to the […]

Uber By Jack Barnes Drivers Say “Uber Can Do Better” Uber Drivers Call on CEO to Quit Trump Council, Support Refugees & Workers On behalf of New York City’s nearly 50,000 drivers, the Independent Drivers Guild says “Uber can do Better” and is launching a petition calling on Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick […]