Do you know what the most frustrating thing about a compass is? It ONLY points North. But what if a compass could point to something….more appetizing? WIRED has challenged maker Joe Grand to figure out how to make a compass that points to pizza, in just three weeks. Check out […]

Wale By Jack Barnes Wale taking on the wings of death LIVE in front of a studio audience and joining 100 brave audience members for the first-ever “group dab” on the final wing. Watch the rapper break down his relationship with Jerry Seinfeld, crack jokes about his hot-and-cold past with Complex, […]

Trap Beckham By Jack Barnes After releasing the contagiously catchy track, “Lil Booties Matter,” Def Jam‘s rising star, Trap Beckham, invites you to join the #LilBootiesMatter Challenge. The challenge has caught wildfire on Instagram with its hashtag going viral! Watch past lil booty submissions here and join in on the fun!