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Episode 6 is with Peloton instructor, Tunde Oyeneyin. Tunde and Common discuss her fitness journey growing up in Houston, TX before moving to New York to work with the Peloton team. Guest – Tunde Oyeneyin @tune2tunde, Peloton Instructor @onepeloton Director – Tari Wariebi @tari.wariebi Executive Producers – Common, Dayna Carney […]

Episode 4 is with the “Gangster Gardner” of South Central Los Angeles. Ron Finley is best known for planting fruit and vegetables throughout his neighborhood in abandoned lots, traffic medians, and sidewalk curbs. The purpose? To offer alternative options to the fast food pandemic in black and brown communities. Watch […]

Episode 2 is with joy strategist, Grace Harry. By engaging in child-like play (similar to that of a little kid), joy strategy is considered a form of alternative therapy used to channel our inner child. Watch the Com + Well series: Subscribe on YouTube – Follow Common: Instagram […]

Working out has become a way of life for me now. It’s not every day that I feel like it, but there is something about the breakthrough of a new achievement and keeping the commitment that is fulfilling and helps me focus my intentions for the day. But one thing […]