Artist: Socra featuring Nick Garcia Produced by BeatsNdaHood Mixed and mastered by Spkilla Visuals: Sebastian Riella Crazy Hood Productions Home Tweets by CrazyHood

In this weeks #Taleofthetape #throwback I bring another Midi Mafia produced track featuring @Pitbull Garcia and Heckler! The story with this track is basically me and my Crazy Hood crew trying to put pressure on the industry and keep all eyes on Miami and us! My mixtapes were already buzzing and our artist Garcia was starting to get a heavy buzz so to keep the momentum going we leaned on our homie Pitbull who was really taking the industry by storm. Pit in conjunction with his manager at the time Big Teach were always available to work with us and spread their look to a lot of us in the city. These weren’t just local peers but people we had long standing relationships and had all been in the trenches together. We had a few major labels looking at Garcia and our Crazy Hood brand as a whole so I felt it necessary to keep putting out content and leaning on our relationships like Pit, Teach, super producers Midi Mafia and others. And just as I would do for them they were all reciprocating and we kept producing! If memory serves me correct a big artist then, and still now, had recorded to this same beat so Midi Mafia asked we don’t officially release it. We went on to record another Midi Mafia track with Pit, Hec and G (which I will post in the near future). Although we came close to some landmark deals for Garcia, Heckler and our brand the industry and destiny had different plans for us! #crazyhood #93til #miami #pitbull #midimafia #dadecounty #latinos #imcubanb

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