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New EP from Moe & Zaytoven – MOETOVEN available now on DatPiff! Moe & Zaytoven – Cost (00:00 – 03:30) Moe & Zaytoven – Never Broke Again feat. Mula McGrady (03:31 – 07:04) Moe & Zaytoven – Walkin On Water (07:05 – 10:05) Moe & Zaytoven – Can’t Help It […]

New project from Conway the Machine – La Maquina available now on DatPiff YouTube! Conway the Machine – Bruiser Brody (00:00) Conway the Machine – 630 Tip Off (00:00) Conway the Machine – Blood Roses (feat. Jae Skeese) (00:00) Conway the Machine – Clarity (00:00) Conway the Machine – KD […]

New project from Big Scarr – Big Grim Reaper available now on DatPiff! Big Scarr – Grim Reaper (00:00) Big Scarr – Get It In (00:00) Big Scarr – Poppin (00:00) Big Scarr – Frozone (00:00) Big Scarr – Ballin In LA (feat. Gucci Mane & Pooh Shiesty) (00:00) Big […]

VIDEO: New music from Asian Doll – Twice available now on DatPiff YouTube! Lyrics: [Intro] Na-na-na, nothing nice Na-na-na, he better get [?] Na-na-na, hmm-hmm-hmm Na-na-na, yeah Na-na-na, nothing nice Na-na-na, I never [?] Na-na-na, he better get, hmm-hmm, nice Na-na-na, yeah [Chorus] Baby, I’m with it, we fuckin’ or we chillin’? This […]

New mixtape from Sauce Walka – Sauce R&B available now on DatPiff YouTube! Sauce Walka – Murder ft Rico Glizzy (00:00 – 03:32) Sauce Walka – Golden Switches (03:33 – 06:58) Sauce Walka – Fully Auto ft Sauce WoodWinnin (06:59 – 10:29) Sauce Walka – Outside ft Trippie Redd (10:30 […]

New music from Icewear Vezzo & Lil Durk – Up The Sco available now on DatPiff YouTube! Lyrics: Tweakin’, get to tweakin’ on this bitch Yeah, hmm Hmm, still ain’t even though, nigga Hmm, yeah We gon’, we gon’ get even, oh yeah Alright, hmm, hmm [Pre-Chorus: Icewear Vezzo] Yeah […]

New music from Wnc WhopBezzy – Beatbox 3 Mix available now on DatPiff YouTube! Lyrics: Aye Nigga know what time I’m on, they watch me like a G Shock Thought he had that Raw I sold him ReRock Boy this rod dirty, like some Reebok’s I hit ya, make ya […]

New mixtape from Haddy Racks – Banned From The Radio available now on DatPiff YouTube! Haddy Racks – It’s Up #Racksmix (00:00) Haddy Racks – What You Know Bout Love #Racksmix (00:00) Haddy Racks – GTA Freestyle ft Big Deal Ma$e (00:00) Haddy Racks – East Coast Demons ft Countrollup […]

New music from Jackboy & Russ – Own My Masters available now on DatPiff YouTube! Lyrics: [Chorus: Jackboy] I done ran up a check, now I’m the one bitches chase after All these chains on my neck, I’m not a slave, I own my masters I got that bread and […]

New music from Yungeen Ace – Gun Em Down available now on DatPiff YouTube! Lyrics: I thought you’d never let me down, down I let you back so many times that I can’t even count I got all this water around my neck it’s hard for me not to drown […]

New music from Calboy – Where Were You available now on DatPiff YouTube! Calboy – Where Were You (AUDIO) – Lyrics: Where were you-oo-uu Ay, ay Where were you? (Ay) Where were you when I was stuck in the trap with my fist in the bowl? (Ay) (Where were you?) […]