From Sandy Hook to Buffalo, now Michigan: No Place is Safe!!!! Our Children Have Been Abandoned! They have been “Generation Abandoned” because the adults of America, and their elected representatives, have done #MassShooting #DLHughley #DLHughleyComedy #michiganshooting #michiganstateshooting #GunLaws #gedsection SUBSCRIBE: Catch yesterday’s episode here: From “Abe Lincoln” To Now, […]

There was a time when the release of American citizens who had been unjustly imprisoned by a foreign adversary was a moment for bipartisan relief and celebration but NOT with this one. Brittney Griner’s homecoming has been fueled by the politics of race, gender and sexual orientation. As far as […]

It’s The Cowards Way To Make Up An Avatar… Never Forget, With Freedom Comes Accountability… Catch previous episode here: Catch previous episode here: US Democracy is the Height of Hypocrisy SUBSCRIBE:… Check Out The Video And Leave Us With Your Thoughts By Commenting Below! Don’t Forget To LIKE […]