Uber Drivers By Jack Barnes The notion that Uber has no way to increase driver wages is absolutely ludicrous. The company is pocketing higher fees than ever before, as high as double what the driver is paid for a trip, while drivers get pennies. If there is room for 220% Uber […]

Lyft By Jack Barnes New York State Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez and the Independent Drivers Guild (IDG) are calling for the state to launch a full investigation into ride-hail app Lyft’s billing and payment practices on interstate trips.  In a letter to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and […]

Uber By Jack Barnes Just days after Uber found itself embroiled in controversy for its CEO’s dismissive and disrespectful treatment of a driver who confronted him over pay cuts, Uber drivers are launching a new social media campaign to fight for a tipping option in the app. The Independent Drivers […]

Uber By Jack Barnes Drivers Say “Uber Can Do Better” Uber Drivers Call on CEO to Quit Trump Council, Support Refugees & Workers On behalf of New York City’s nearly 50,000 drivers, the Independent Drivers Guild says “Uber can do Better” and is launching a petition calling on Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick […]