A crafty hooksmith and an expressive singer, 19-year-old Cali artist 24kGoldn has the makings of a future superstar. Arriving just as his slow-burning viral hit “Valentino” hits a new high in popularity, Goldn shares DROPPED OUTTA COLLEGE, his debut EP. Recorded over the past year, the DROPPED OUTTA COLLEGE EP tells the story of Goldn’s life as […]

Just 19-years-old but already an accomplished songwriter and hitmaker, 24kGoldn radiates effortless charm. Pursuing a romance with an older woman, Goldn shares “DROPPED OUTTA COLLEGE,“ his new video single. A minimalist, D.A. Doman-produced trap banger that allows Goldn to flex his triplet flow, “DROPPED OUTTA COLLEGE” is the sound of a young artist embracing his […]