Chef Yuji Haraguchi, owner of OKONOMI // YUJI Ramen in New York, returns to Epicurious to make a traditional Japanese breakfast, preparing dishes that are a world away from what a Westerner might expect. Leave the waffle batter in the refrigerator – today himono, miso soup, shiraae, and pickled cucumber […]

Sharpen your knives, break out your bamboo rolling mat, and come to attention because class is back in session! Join Taka Sakaeda, executive chef and co-owner of Nami Nori, as he expertly demonstrates how to make (almost) every type of sushi. From artfully simple nigiri to complex and colorful chirashizushi, […]

Crack open a fresh notebook and come to attention because class is back in session! Author and food scholar Darra Goldstein joins Epicurious to break down the whens whys and hows of using (almost) every utensil. Covering more specialized forks, spoons, and knives than you could shake a napkin at, […]

Grab your mortar and pestle and come to attention because class is in session! Join Sana Javeri Kadri, founder and CEO of Diaspora Co,, as she expertly demonstrates how to grind (almost) every spice you can imagine – getting each of them processed and ready for introduction to your favorite […]