Facebook rejects empowering LGBTQ+ music videos with no reason as to why. Are big social media platforms anti-LGBT? It took a long time for the LGBT community to be acknowledged as a “community” in its own right. Furthermore, a lot of credit belongs to the artists and celebrities who revealed […]

We all have come across an email assumed to come from a reputable company, trusted them and ended up sharing our personal information which costed us later. This is a very common practice that we have witnessed in 2019. One main reason why we fall into this trap is because […]

It is very easy to sometimes watch cybercrime cases and think that would never happen to you. Most of the people don’t even take any measures to protect their online links and for that reason, most of them incur a lot of loses. If you take some time to review […]

Smartphones have influenced the life of each and every person living on this earth. While at some point, you have a countless advantages of smartphone, there are some negative points too. Yes, your kids may get addicted to watching adult stuff or your spouse may be having an extra marital […]

By Jack Barnes Viral Instagram sensation and social media celebrity Ross Smith is best known for his hilarious videos featuring his 92-year-old grandma and their zany adventures in the world of improv and staged comedy. Boasting over 19 million combined social media followers, Smith consistently delivers engaging content while simultaneously building an online empire […]