Spinning sugar-coated melodies into addictive trap anthems, 17-year-old artist Fijimacintosh is here to stay. Putting his playful and wild personality on display, Fiji shares “Red Pill, Blue Pill / Glock Box Pt. 2,” his latest video. The sequel to “Glock Box,” one of Fiji’s earliest singles and one that brought him to the attention of Complex, […]

Fijimacintosh By Jack Barnes Only 17-years-old but already a master of candy-coated melodies and a curator of a brightly-colored aesthetic, Ohio riser Fijimacintosh is a prodigious talent to watch. Bringing to life one of the highlights of his recent Satellite Crash mixtape, Fijimacintosh shares the wildly psychedelic video for “Metallic Withdrawals.” Perfectly suited to the […]

Fijimacintosh By Jack Barnes A prodigious young talent with a gift for spinning saccharine melodies, Canton, Ohio’s Fijimacintosh creates ear candy for rap’s new era. Preparing a new batch for his growing cult of adoring fans, Fijimacintosh announces Satellite Crash, his debut project. Featuring ten hard-hitting tracks that showcase the 16-year-old’s preternatural gift […]