Get Your Theory Wear NOW! ► We’ve told you how to optimize your fries, how to get the best deal when you order a pizza, and what fast food soda size is worth the money. Now, we are tackling crispy fried chicken sandwiches. What chain has the BEST chicken […]

KFC’s Double Down appeared in our lives in 2010, and immediately took the world by storm. Food critics were (mostly) disgusted by it, the Internet was (obviously) obsessed with it, and it ended up being one of the most influential fast food dishes of this century. In this episode, we’re […]

The team behind The Tyger, a brand new Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant in New York City, knew that opening a restaurant is hard work. But opening a new restaurant in the midst of a global pandemic proved to be even harder. Co-owners Jeff and Eddy, who also own NYC’s Chinese Tuxedo, […]