Taken from Dukesman’s debut mixtape ‘Tha ReBirth’ Tre-X and Jay Dako link up for joint effort, ‘Stay Stylish’. Instagram: Dukesman – https://instagram.com/dukesman?igshid=kmg3l7tmhfug Tre – X – https://instagram.com/trex365?igshid=19ejpfrkrgy5p JayDako – https://instagram.com/jay_dako?igshid=19k3wnqgnvwd3 The ReBirth Mixtape Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/59ZGtmuVPUd7oz1DYHu0VH?si=eGde54c6QF2Vh-XPi6goWQ Apple Music – https://music.apple.com/gb/album/tha-rebirth/1540428854 Link Up TV is your home for British hip hop, […]

Music Video Night made its SXSW debut featuring iAmOther recording artist Buddy. The Compton-born rapper took the audience at Austin’s Blanton Museum of Art through his catalogue of cinematic music videos, featuring direction by Jason Beattie, Ken Koller, Andy Hines, Grams, and even Buddy’s own father. We kicked things off […]