G-Val & Lil Yase By Jack Barnes Reliable purveyors of street-savvy slaps, G-Val and Lil Yase specialize in slick mob tracks about the everyday hustle. Returning with a snaky, cinematic mob track, G-Val and Lil Yase share “Gangland.” On “Gangland,” Lil Yase charismatically mumbles an infectious hook, while G-Val rocks an impressive cadence in the second […]

G-Val & Lil Yase By Jack Barnes Two of the Bay Area’s toughest-talking emcees, San Francisco slapsmiths G-Val and Lil Yase do not suffer fools. Adopting low-talking, drawly flows over a deceptively dense mob instrumental with dissonant keys, trap vocal samples and a haunting pan flute, Val and Yase eviscerate their rivals on “Bozo.” Impressively attacking […]