Shaq talks about missing people, enjoying tackling people, betting $1 million dollars on an MMA fight, signing up for Tinder and nobody believing that it was him, his 50th birthday coming up and Jimmy potentially planning it, the 25th anniversary of Kazaam, making a documentary about his life, buying Reebok […]

Channing Tatum By Jack Barnes P!nk talks about Halloween, her viral VMA speech inspired by her daughter’s insecurities, working with Channing’s wife Jenna, reveals her favorite swear word, and shares a video of her husband telling their daughter he ate all her Halloween candy. Enjoy this video stream below after the jump.

Goapele By Jack Barnes Veteran R&B songstress Goapele has enjoyed a storied career, affording her a certified gold record in “Closer” which was ultimately remixed by Drake. She has also performed on national television for both Jimmy Kimmel and Connan O’Brien, and has been hailed by tastemakers such as Rolling […]