THE CROWN: S4 Clip – Margaret Thatcher Intro (2020) Gillian Anderson CLIP DESCRIPTION: Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) has become the Prime Minister of Great Britain and visits Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colma) for the first time in a new official clip from the Netflix series THE CROWN: Season 4. PLOT: […]

THE BANISHING Trailer (2020) Horror Movie PLOT: The Banishing tells the story of the most haunted house in England. In the 1930s, a young reverend, his wife and daughter move into a manor with a horrifying secret. #TheBanishing CAST: Jessica Brown Findlay, Sean Harris, John Lynch SUBSCRIBE for more Movie […]

PLOT: After an attack renders her blind, Ellen Ashland withdraws from the world to recover. But soon she plunges into paranoia, unable to convince anyone that her assailant has returned to terrorize her by hiding in plain sight. CAST: Madelaine Petsch, Alexander Koch, Deniz Akdeniz SUBSCRIBE for more Movie Trailers […]

PLOT: Nine friends, all harboring a dark secret, go camping in the woods. After a wild night of partying, they wake up with SUICIDE BOMBS strapped to their chests, all with varying times on their countdown clocks. They decide to work out how to disarm the bombs or find help […]

DADDY’S GIRL Trailer (2020) Horror Thriller PLOT: In DADDY’S GIRL, an afflicted young woman (Jemma Dallendar) is held captive by her abhorrent stepfather (Costas Mandylor) in a small town. She soon becomes a person of interest to a female vigilante and local cop who suspect there is something extremely sinister […]

NEON DAYS Trailer (2020) Comedy Movie PLOT: Jake’s life is controlled by depression, anxiety, and anger. His therapist, Sean, treads lightly to get Jake to talk about the issues that matter. #NeonDays CAST: Eric Hanson, Glenn Morshower, Jason P. Kendall, Justin Duncan, Major Dodge, Matthew Graham Wagner, Meagan Harris Release […]

IMMORTAL Trailer (2020) Horror Anthology PLOT: Thrown into the face of death only to emerge unharmed, the characters of Immortal are left staring at eternity in the face with uncertainty and fear like they’ve never imagined. The film follows Chelsea, a high school track star who comes clean about sexual […]