Get Your BRAND NEW Food Theory Merch NOW! ► Theorists, what you are about to see is from the Food Theory vault. It is an episode that was almost never aired, due to the events of last year. Remember buffets? The all you can eat experience of piling your […]

SUBSCRIBE to NEVER Miss A Food Theory! ►►   Can you eat so much that your stomach EXPLODES? Theorists, that is the question I am going to answer today. From competitive eaters to mukbang stars, people like to eat and eat a LOT! What does that do to your stomach? You […]

SUBSCRIBE to NEVER Miss a Food Theory! ►►   Have you ever eaten so much food that you felt sleepy? Whether it is an indulgent mukbang or a holiday meal, I think we’ve all been there at least once. Many refer to this as the “food coma”. Theorists, I’m here to […]