Born in Oslo with a Ghanaian background, Young Cisto grew up in Italy. His childhood was spent in different countries and while he absorbed multiple cultures around the world, he become what he is today, an aspiring artist who breathes life into his music! Are You Ready for His New […]

Cuppy joins Wyclef Jean on Run That Back for an unfiltered conversation full of untold stories. Cuppy talks about records, repping for her country and women all over the world. Wyclef drops a new single “I am so proud to be African” exclusively for Cuppy then she sings for Wyclef on new […]

RAPPER SKYXXX TEAMS UP WITH WIFISFUNERAL Dropping infectious rhymes and flaunting fashion-forward fatigues, Skyxxx pushes a punchy new paradigm for hip-hop on his debut for Warner Records. Of Dominican descent, the New York-born and Orlando-based rapper went from corner battle rapping as a kid to earning early viral success with […]