MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION Trailer #2 (2021) Netflix Series PLOT: From Executive Producer Kevin Smith, comes an epic story that picks up where the 80’s series left off and brings the power of Grayskull back to the world. #HeMan #MastersOfTheUniverseRevelation Part 1 of Masters of the Universe: Revelation premieres […]

COSMOBALL Trailer (2021) Epic Sci-Fi Action Movie PLOT: Cosmoball is a mesmerizing intergalactic game of future played between humans and aliens at the giant extraterrestrial ship hovering in the sky over Earth. A young man with enormous power of an unknown nature joins the team of hot-headed superheroes in exchange […]

RAMS Trailer (2021) Sam Neill Comedy Movie PLOT: Brothers Colin and Les have been fighting for decades. Both are award-winning sheep farmers but when disaster strikes and disease threatens their flocks, will they be able to work together to save their sheep, their legacy, and their community? #Rams CAST: Sam […]

DUNE DRIFTER Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Thriller Movie PLOT: After a devastating orbital space battle, the survivor of a crashed star-fighter must navigate the harsh environment of a desolate planet to save herself before her life support expires. #DuneDrifter CAST: Phoebe Sparrow, Daisy Aitkens, Simon Dwyer-Thomas Release Date: December 1st, 2020 […]