MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION Trailer #2 (2021) Netflix Series PLOT: From Executive Producer Kevin Smith, comes an epic story that picks up where the 80’s series left off and brings the power of Grayskull back to the world. #HeMan #MastersOfTheUniverseRevelation Part 1 of Masters of the Universe: Revelation premieres […]

The investigation comes to a head as Molly is confronted by a knife-wielding Gareth in her home and Alex is taken prisoner by William and the Crofters. As the mid-winter festival builds outside, it becomes clear that Alex is to be sacrificed, while Grace desperately tries to summon her dead […]

Blood samples found on Jacinta Clunes’ car reveal a familial link to Dorothy Moxley and the task force makes an astonishing discovery about the connection between three women involved in the investigation. The Door of Salvation and Star of the Forest Church are revealed to be connected to a mysterious […]

When Freddie puts Lily’s life in jeopardy, Molly must race to save her as Freddie unravels. Meanwhile, the mysterious Grace Cochrane creates an effigy of Freddie that she uses to powerful effect. Constable Freya Harris has been working on a tip-off that Gareth and Councilor Jacinta Clunes may be involved […]

Another murder with similar overtones to the Moxley murder and a possible sighting of Freddie Hopkins’s ute give the investigators a stronger sense they are on the right track but when they pay a visit to his house, they find he has disappeared. However, what they do find is evidence […]

COSMOBALL Trailer (2021) Epic Sci-Fi Action Movie PLOT: Cosmoball is a mesmerizing intergalactic game of future played between humans and aliens at the giant extraterrestrial ship hovering in the sky over Earth. A young man with enormous power of an unknown nature joins the team of hot-headed superheroes in exchange […]

RAMS Trailer (2021) Sam Neill Comedy Movie PLOT: Brothers Colin and Les have been fighting for decades. Both are award-winning sheep farmers but when disaster strikes and disease threatens their flocks, will they be able to work together to save their sheep, their legacy, and their community? #Rams CAST: Sam […]