By Jack Barnes Hot 97 DJ Megan Ryte joins with OMB Peezy for Lessons From The Pimp EP, the latest edition of her “The 5” series of mixtapes. Each week for five straight weeks, Megan Ryte selects five beats for one of her favorite emcees to freestyle over and creates a brand new EP, each organized […]

By Jack Barnes OMB Peezy puts his heart and soul into his raps songs, expounding upon his state-of-mind with veracity and feeling. Mourning a lost loved one in a new clip, OMB Peezy shares “My Dawg.” Emoting over twinkling piano and soulful organ, a distraught Peezy tries to figure out how […]

OMB Peezy By Jack Barnes Fusing the distinctive sounds of Deep South and Bay Area rap into an inimitable hybrid, Mobile-born Sacramento-resident OMB Peezy obliterates the regional boundaries of street rap. Nearly two years after his debut single “Lay Down” put Peezy on the map, the motormouthed emcee shares Loyalty Over Love, his debut solo […]