From Tekashi 69 to Azealia Banks find out who takes first place at the awards. Subscribe to the Fuse TV Channel: It’s a wild new twist on Saturday morning cartoons. All the sugar but a lot less sweet. Hang with our host KYLE and crash the late-night cartoon party. […]

Did you catch the second episode of ‘Sugar and Toys’? Well, if you didn’t, here’s a clip of what you missed out on. C’mon it’s social satire after all. Watch as the One Eye And The Owl attempt to take over Historically Black Colleges. Subscribe to the Fuse TV Channel: […]

Kyle and his friend go toe-to-toe over who gets to keep the trash talking cereal box toy. On the TV – a cartoon for Kid Crips (7:18), Junior Illuminati attend a historically Black college (13:26), and Meme Girls bully their classmate (16:59). Watch Sugar And Toys SUNDAYS on FUSE! Subscribe […]