Who introduced teppanyaki to the US? Why do Benihana chefs crack jokes while wielding knife tricks? What does any of it have to do with world famous DJ Steve Aoki? In this episode, we’ll find out how a young playboy turned a style of Japanese cooking into a restaurant empire […]

How did an ancient Aztec ritual make its way to Phish concerts across America? What is it about magic mushrooms that make them so magical? Studies show they can be used for medicinal purposes, so why are they still illegal throughout most of the world? Slink back into your chair […]

Why are Pringles called “crisps” and not “chips”? Did you know the guy who designed Pringles was buried in an actual Pringles tube? And what’s up with that mustachioed mascot? Since their inception back in the 1950s, these saddle-shaped beauties have remained perfectly stackable and highly lunch packable. Pringles were […]