On this week’s episode, one of the hardest-working young Black actors in Hollywood today—Allen Maldonado—joins to break down his career thus far. From his relationship with Kenya Barris to finally being #1 on the call sheet for his Netflix series ‘Sneakerheads’, Maldonado shares jewels on his time in the game […]

King Keraun is at an industry party and meets two older comedians who obliterate his street cred when they find out he doesn’t know the great comedians of Def Comedy Jam. There’s no denying that King Keraun has conquered social media, but can he conquer Hollywood? After building his 1M+ […]

Since its inception in 2011 when Joe La Puma took Jim Jones sneaker shopping at Flight Club in New York City, celebrities have tried to outdo each other and purchase some of the most exclusive and rare sneakers on the market. But sometimes, their purchases end up being good investments. […]