There’s trouble in a far ass galaxy once DaBaby Yoda Momma comes to collect child support. Be sure you check out ‘Sugar and Toys’ Sundays at 11P ET only on Fuse! Subscribe to the Fuse TV Channel: Watch sketches from the newest episodes here every week: Carl Jones […]

It’s premiere week here at Fuse and we decided to give you the first episode of Season 2! Make sure you check out ‘Sugar and Toys’ Sunday, September 20 at 11P ET only on Fuse! Kyle becomes possessed by an attention hungry demon. ON THE TV: 100 percent THAT flutist […]

This week, ‘Sugar And Toys’ creators Carl Jones and Brian Ash wrap up Season 1 with their thoughts on how curious Curious George really is, the revenge of The Lil’s (as in all the rappers named with Lil) and the most iconic movie mash-up ever (cause you ain’t got shit […]