The rumors we have all heard them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is true or what’s just some fancy made-up fantasy. This is Real or Rumor.

If you could find out how others see you, would you want to know? We all think we have a pretty good idea of how we’re viewed among family and friends, but are we right?

Gone are the days of women waiting on “the one” to start a family. The term “choice mom” has become the go-to method for some who make an intentional choice to have a child on their own. We open up about what you should consider when making this decision and […]

There’s only one way to combat the decades-long struggle of women being threatened by one another, and it starts with nurturing and encouraging. We’re getting real honest about the root of some of these issues. Plus, is it a must that your child goes to college? We discuss the value […]

From Vice-President Kamala Harris and Dr. Bernice King to Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Stacey Abrams and Black Lives Matter International Ambassador Janaya Khan, this Black History Month we celebrate and honor some our country’s most prolific Black voices.