Tasha The Amazon burst onto the Toronto music scene with her brand of hard-hitting warehouse rap, a soundtrack from the renegade bashment parties where she started. Bringing that same energy into her new video, Tasha shares “Helluva Ride.” Produced by Tasha’s frequent production partner Danny Thrax, “Helluva Ride” opens with haunted arpeggios before evolving into a […]

With a fiery and punishing rap sound that springs directly from Toronto’s warehouse party scene, Tasha The Amazon is a serious talent. Delivering an exhilarating visual for a visceral song, Tasha shares the video for “That Ain’t You,” directed and conceptualized by Colin G. Cooper. Dominated by bullying bass, complemented with guttural chants and twinkling […]

With a fiery delivery and a malleable style, Tasha The Amazon exudes an effortless virtuosity. Melding her warehouse rap aesthetic with Jamaican club music, Tasha shares “That Ain’t You,” her latest single, premiered by Highsnobiety. Running roughshod over a bass-heavy, dancehall-influenced beat, Tasha adopts a patois, crafting dexterous hooks as she shouts down those […]

Tasha The Amazon By Jack Barnes Blazing a trail with aggressive rap bangers, Toronto’s Tasha The Amazon redefines the sound of the Toronto Hip-Hop scene. Adopting a halting, triplet-based flow over an apocalyptic production from Tasha and her production partner Danthrax, together forming the production duo Bass & Bakery, Tasha crosses oceans in her new […]

Tasha The Amazon By Jack Barnes Lighting the streets of Toronto ablaze with her abrasive, industrial rap sound, Tasha The Amazon is an uncommonly intense artist. Showing off her fierce charisma under flashing lights, Tasha shines in “Die Every Day,” her latest video. Premiered by MILK, the new video perfectly complements the ethereal production, and the […]

Tasha The Amazon By Jack Barnes Atypical among Toronto artists because of her industrial rap sound, Tasha The Amazon brings a fiery intensity to her music. Basking in the spotlight with a dozen of her best friends, Tasha cuts a menacing figure in “Prayer,” her latest music video. Premiered by […]

Tasha The Amazon By Jack Barnes While many of her Toronto contemporaries showcase their sensitivity over gauzy, reverb-heavy beats, Tasha The Amazon takes to each track with a match and a can of kerosene. Produced by Tasha and her production partner Danthrax, “Watch It Burn” finds the German-Jamaican rapper mercilessly attacking an apocalyptic beat with a […]