YBN Almighty Jay has a lot of unused tattoo real estate on his chest and back that he is making plans for. Only his face is off limits…. probably. From his first “YBN” tattoo to his chest tattoo of his son, join YBN Almighty Jay as he tells us the […]

Memphis Rapper NLE Choppa has so many tattoos that he doesn’t even know how many he has. But he’ll never tattoo his face. From the tattoo of himself looking up at the gates to Heaven to the NLE one on his neck, join NLE Choppa as he tells us the […]

Hi-Tone By Jack Barnes How many artists fly to their music distribution company to personally tattoo their whole team? Probably not many but Hi-Tone is not like the rest. Recently, the Covina California native decided to make a trip to Empire Music Group in San Fransisco to spend the afternoon tattooing […]

Tattoos By Helen Rogers Sports tattoos are considered to be the marks of pride for all those people, who are engaged in any type of sport. These tattoos bring the sport’s commitment to the next level and they are worn by athletes, fans, and sport-lovers. Sport is one of the […]