After Stan uses the CIA’s time machine, Francine takes off with young Stan for pizza where he apologizes for his future actions, while Stan is left with young Francine, who flirts openly until they are caught kissing by a returning Francine and Stan. Watch more American Dad on TBS. #TBS […]

One of Roger’s personas (Mrs. Harriet Bustax) is the CEO of the company polluting the river, Octaduel Formaldehyde, who promptly tries to convince everyone formaldehyde is good for them. Steve has Frankenlewis replace Principal Lewis for lunch with the superintendent. #TBS #AmericanDad #SteveSmith #Frankenlewis #HarrietBustax #PrincipalLewis #SethMacFarlane SUBSCRIBE: Download […]

Roger reveals a secret passion to Klaus. Klaus sees Roger’s art studio filled with paintings of him. Stan and Francine seek revenge on Bazooka Sharks management. Hayley helps her parents by borrowing her friend’s armor-plated bulldozer, The Killdozer. They ask the security guard where the corporate office is. #TBS #AmericanDad […]

Steve travels through space and time throughout the world and history. He goes to the radio host, Palmer’s address, but only finds that Palmer has a toothache and admits to faking all the new age stuff. When Stan arrives, getting to say ‘I told you so’ triggers Steve to have […]