TI is joined by CEO and founder of Rock The Bells- LL COOL J. The MC talks about preserving and uplifting the legacy of hip hop culture with his new Rock The Bells platform. They talk about the pioneers who helped move the culture forward and current issues today that […]

In this exclusive and unique online conversation, T.I. and Nasty C discuss their creative relationship as an illustrative example of the global nature of hip-hop today. The two giants of their genre will explore the significance of U.S hip-hop artists supporting and collaborating with other major hip-hop artists around the […]

Tip sits down with New York Times best seller and hip-hop artist Lecrae. The MC’s talk religion, hip-hop, & business. Plus Lecrae talks about his personal life journey and the foundations of his faith. #expediTIously SUBSCRIBE▶︎ Listen to the full episode now on Apple Podcasts ▶︎ Spotify ▶︎ […]

The conspiracy continues with TI and famed conspiracy theorist #AlexJones. Alex shares his unbelievable story of sneaking into the secret Bohemian Grove facility, and he reveals his theory on the Las Vegas shooting. They discuss Alex’s support for Trump, the elites post human clone conspiracy, and a secret government plot […]

Mike Tyson looks back at his friendship with Tupac, including the memorable time Pac came to visit him in prison. #expediTIously SUBSCRIBE▶︎ Listen to the full episode now on Apple Podcasts ▶︎ Spotify ▶︎ PodcastOne ▶︎ Follow Mike on social media: IG ▶︎ FB ▶︎ […]