You’ve seen crimes of passion but this time… it’s personal. Don’t miss the premiere of PAYBACK this Monday 10P/9C only on TV One. Visit for more.

Police initially accuse her boyfriend when a woman is discovered dead along railway tracks — until they find out she had a secret relationship with another man. Is it possible that one of the men she was dating was so upset that he murdered her? Watch new episodes of #FatalAttraction […]

Kimberly Smedley was the go-to girl for black market butt injections but came to recognize the dangers of many of the techniques. Now she wants AJ’s help to convince women to stay away from life-threatening underground procedures. Catch an all-new Life Therapy on Tuesday 10P/9C only on TV One. Visit […]

Evonne Mitchell is a Hip Hop violinist, who is ready to make it to the big time. All she needs is AJ’s help in getting her to get on track and find a way to stay ready, so she won’t need to get ready when her big break comes. Does […]

Brittney Watson is one of 26 million women in the United States who have uterine fibroids, with African Americans accounting for 80 percent of those affected. This gripping and educational episode explores potential solutions to the situation as AJ and a team of doctors works with Brittney to help her […]