Whistleblowers leak stolen documents in a crusade to expose allegations of abuse and mind control within a global religious organization: the Jehovah’s Witnesses. CRUSADERS premieres July 28 at 9p. Only on VICE TV. Subscribe Now: https://vice.video/SUBSCRIBE-TO-VICETV Follow VICE TV: VICETV.com | https://www.vicetv.com VICE Video | https://video.vice.com Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/vicetv Twitter […]

“At full speed you won’t see a thing.” These poker cheats use sleight of hand tricks, like ‘bottom dealing’ or ‘stacking the deck’, to cheat in illegal gambling dens. Revisiting ‘Black Market’ where The Wire’s Michael K. Williams takes a look at underground economies in America and beyond. He meets […]

As one of the most feared and controversial wrestlers of all time, New Jack’s career reads like a criminal rap-sheet. We reveal the man behind the monster and his hardcore legacy, where he stabbed, tasered and threw opponents from cages without warning. As we take a look back at DARK […]

Investigating a bizarre murder in rural Pennsylvania and a suspicious suicide outside of Detroit, this season reveals the deadly online ministry of Sherry Shriner and how YouTube became a breeding ground for her diabolical lizard cult. An all-new season of THE DEVIL YOU KNOW premieres March 29 on VICE TV. […]

Anthony “Sully” Sullivan was the OxiClean guy. But now, to help his young daughter with developmental challenges, he’s pitching CBD hemp. Sully buys a farm and recruits his friend Dave Christian to help grow the crop… but they know nothing about farming. KINGS OF KUSH premieres March 9 on VICE […]

“Without causing death we can create genuine meat.” Lab-grown chicken is physically identical to chicken from slaughtered animals. It’s made of genuine chicken cells, but it’s grown in a factory instead of in a live animal. 2 Chainz tried some lab-grown chicken nuggets that cost around $130 a piece. Ever […]