In July 2021, Arizona’s Governor signed a bill stating public schools can’t teach students that any one race is superior to another, or that people are racists just for being a particular race. It essentially banned any teaching about white privilege. But what does anti-racism education for kids actually look […]

Along the coast of El Salvaldor lies the small town of El Zonte, known mostly for ecotourism and surfing. Even decades after being discovered by tourists and surfers the small town of 3,000 locals never had the infrastructure for an ATM. But, this past year El Zonte finally caught a […]

Conspiracy theories have gained national attention recently but for many in the Black community this is not a new topic. What makes Black conspiracy theories complex is how they’re inherently impossible to completely discount: There is a history of medical and systemic racism against Black Americans. Do Your Research speaks […]

More than 34,000 people have been arrested since protests started last year, demanding that the country’s long-time President leave office. Igor Bancer is about to be one of them. VICE caught up with Bancer in the days before he left to serve an eight month sentence of hard labor. Plus […]

A group of fisherwomen in southern Iran are trying to make history by becoming the first in the country to get official permits for their profession. In a new series called “Taking License,” VICE News meets the fisherwomen of Hengam Island and follows their journey for recognition. Subscribe to VICE […]

Transnational, a new series from Vice News, takes a global look at trans rights and resilience. Correspondents Eva Reign and Alyza Enriquez sat down to discuss trans storytelling, tokenism, and the fight for trans rights around the world. The first episode of Transnational is out June 24 on VICE Life […]

An extraordinary so-called audit of ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona has garnered widespread attention thanks to the tactics (and the name) of the company conducting the review. But Arizona isn’t the only state where election results are being called into question. In Georgia, a new review of mail-in ballots might […]

Ed “NJWeedMan” Forchion is a local New Jersey cannabis legend. His shop, NJWeedMan’s Joint, located directly across the street from City Hall, has been operating as a cannabis marketplace since 2015 – before legalization. NJ has been clear about the distinction between marijuana and cannabis; marijuana, street-cannabis, will still be […]

The U.S. military is entering a new era of open service for transgender troops. In January, President Biden reversed his predecessor’s ban on trans service members, and the Pentagon recently released a protocol for those who want to medically transition while serving. The policy war is over, but now comes […]

In his native Eritrea, Dr. Berhane Asmelash was a military doctor who treated soldiers on both sides of the brutal war with Ethiopia that spanned much of the last two decades. Despite his service, he was arrested and tortured for nearly a year for the crime of leading a Christian […]

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