Beloved for their exuberant interpretations of the viral dances of the day, ZaeHD & CEO are equally adept rappers. Wielding an aggressive whisper atop a speaker-shattering instrumental, ZaeHD & CEO strut their stuff on “Bass Boomin,” their latest video. Riding a suitably bass-heavy beat from producer Toosi, “Bass Boomin” is raucous fun, as Zae and […]

KiingRod By Jack Barnes Brandishing a breathless and aggressive delivery, KiingRod brings a unique energy to post-hyphy production. Highlighting his ability to draw attention wherever he goes, KiingRod shares the bright club anthem “Viral.” Aided by a hook from JT The 4th, signed to E-40‘s Sick Wid It Records, KiingRod tells his tale of rags to riches, snarling […]